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why virtual?

Simply this.  Virtual is more cost-effective because our clients get top talent, without the expensive overheads.

And virtual is more responsive.  Less hierarchical.  Nimbler.

To discover how virtual can work for you, please see this recent project below.


A makeover with mobile in mind

Our client, a leading Executive Education Institute, needed a brand makeover; primarily for online, their key marketing channel.  Our solution was to rethink their website, giving it a more dynamic, contemporary look.  One that worked equally well on mobile or desktop.  This was crucial given the central role mobile plays in their marketing efforts.


Creativity that gets results

Just as importantly, the new site delivered on our client’s digital KPIs.  Namely, longer session duration per user, increased repeat visits, and ultimately higher conversion rates.


Consistency across media

Brand consistency is crucial.  So we ensured our client’s new look worked across media.  This ensured that when it came time to produce offline materials - such as these flyers - the process was fast and efficient.


How being virtual enabled us to deliver

We didn’t mention our deadline. “Tight” would be an understatement.  So to ensure speedy, continuous progress we assembled an international team that could work across time-zones.

It included: digital art directors in Singapore, a copywriter in Stockholm, a brochure designer in Melbourne, a tech team in Jakarta and a project manager in Singapore.  

Everything was virtual. Ideas were exchanged, refined and executed all online.  Hopping on and off Skype, Google Hangouts and Slack ensured geography was no barrier to teamwork.

The result: a challenging rebrand delivered on time.  With KPIs for New Visitors, Average Session Duration and Conversion being exceeded by up to 65%.